Monday, May 20, 2013

The Person of the Holy Spirit

The more we come to know the holy spirit as a person the more we come to know God. The Holy Spirit is not a "force" or a "feeling." The Holy Spirit is not a sense. He is not a "will." He is not a medium. He is a person.

The trinity truly is a marvelous and mysterious thing. It's easy to think of the Father as a person with a personality. It's easy to think of Jesus as a person with a personality. But, I think we often naturally think of the Holy Spirit as the will of God. It's easy, even, to think of the Holy Spirit as a kind of aura of God, like a gas or light shining from Him. This is not SO off-base that it is absurd, but the more we come to know God as he truly is the more we will truly know and enjoy him.

There have been countless illustrations of the trinity given throughout the centuries. We recognize that there is a sort of hierarchy within the Godhead. We typically think of the order as the Father, Jesus then the Holy Spirit. They are ontologically equal but functionally unique. 

It is clear from scripture that as Jesus walked this earth he did only what he saw the Father doing. He sought to glorify and emulate the Father. It is also clear from scripture that it pleases the Father to glorify the Son and put all things under his authority. There is a loving and glorifying union between the two... and we can easily see the Holy Spirit as the light or love flowing between the two. But, I think it's more accurate to truly see the Spirit as a person, as scripture describes, saying "Have you seen this!!? I love this! Have you seen the Father? Have you seen Jesus? This is the best!" The spirit's role is to bring glory to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has been in eternal communion with the Father and the Son. He is so enthralled with the glory of God that his sole mission is to bring attention to it and to enable others to testify to it. 

What if, rather than identifying the Holy Spirit as a "force" within you that urges you to be good, you saw him as someone who has spent eternity in the presence of Jesus and the Father and is so amped about the whole thing that he wants nothing more than to show you what it means to see them as they are and to know them as he does. 

Though this may be a crude analogy, it may help a little. Have you ever been so excited about a movie, song or a musician that every single chance you had you urged others to experience what you have experienced? Let's settle on a song. This song has so moved you, the performance so exceptional that not to share it with others would almost be painful. You actually feel offended if others don't like it because it's so good. It's just that good. You urge others to listen, you explain the story of the artist, the lyrics, the moment that just throws you over the edge. You love it and want others to love it too.

The Holy Spirit is Jesus' biggest fan. Jesus is the Father's biggest fan. The Father rejoices and takes great pleasure in bringing attention to his Son. It's this amazing dance of love. 

I urge myself and you to stop seeing the Spirit as merely some kind of conscience but a person who knows the truth about you and about the reality of God... because he is God. His passionate love for you dictates that he will draw you into a fuller and more passionate knowledge and enjoyment of Jesus Christ. Listen to him. Cherish his words. Cherish his guidance. Cherish everything he says. He knows. And, excitingly, he not only testifies to the truth of Christ, he empowers and guides, he reveals, he changes us, he dwells with us. 

Imagine your favorite musical band. The lead singer and guitarist, the bassist, and the drummer. Honestly, I don't know which one the HS is. He comes to your house and talks with you for the rest of your life about this music you love which he has produced. 

April 27, 2012

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REBickerstaff said...

That's great stuff, and something I've never heard, but I like it. Do you have some scriptures you could point out that support this view?