Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's Abandon Love

Love is the root of all sorts of evils.

Love causes war.

Love causes death.

We need to let go of love.

It's incredible to me that we live in a world where people continue to love and place value in love. Love is an ancient and archaic notion that our earliest ancestors used as a way to form groups, culture, to come together. Perhaps there was a time when love truly was necessary for the survival of the species. After all, doesn't love help us to procreate? I'm not saying that love has never, as foolish and ridiculous as it is, served some kind of purpose. But, can we please admit that it doesn't exist, never has, and should be abandoned in favor of reason?

How many people have died because of love? Millions. We could look to countless examples that prove the point. How many stories have you read in the paper about the murder of some innocent man or woman who's ex could not live without them? Blame love. How many mothers are missing out on what could have been an exciting and rewarding life of career success and luxury because they've chosen to get married or have children out of some archaic desire to love someone to the detriment of what we all know truly matters?

Romeo and Juliette - even our greatest and most beloved fiction is glaring with the evils of love. Love leads to death. Blame love.

Love can even cause war. European countries have stupidly gone to war over marriages. The Trojan war (whether totally accurate or not, it's not the point) is another example of the evils of love. 

Even if you find comfort in love, you can keep it. I'd rather live a loveless life than live in some kind of deluded fantasy. I'd rather live in reality. Whether you claim to feel love (which I doubt) or not is irrelevant. It doesn't exist. Your brain may fire its synapses in some clever way (thanks to evolution by the way) and you may think this is love, but it is not. And you're a fool if you believe it is anything other than just that - vestigial electrical impulses that evolution, had it a mind, would have been wise to release us from centuries ago. I challenge you not to be a slave to what your parents taught you, or to what their parents told them, and theirs before them... about this silly and destructive fantasy called love. 

Think of it. A world with no broken hearts. A world where no one loses their life over the love-based jealousy of an ex-lover. A world where every individual isn't bogged down and enslaved by their delusions of emotion but are free to pursue their dreams, their gifts, all their aspirations - and, no one to guilt you into believing you've "missed it" or have neglected any of the emotional leaches in your life. 

It's time to abandon love. I know you're family told you it was real. But they're deluded too. I know you may feel like you've lost a sense of belonging... but it will pass. You'll eventually see that you're now free. The guilt you may feel for a short time regarding the "sins" (I wish there was a better word) of self-actualization and  shedding the bonds of burdensome relationships will go away as soon as you realized they are only there because you've convinced yourself that you MUST feel this way. You don't. Love isn't real. It doesn't exist. It causes pain, death, heartbreak, loneliness, and even war. But it starts with you. Let it go.

Love MAY exist. But no one has or ever will prove it. So, why not live as if it doesn't exist? It's the rational thing to do. 

Written: March 9, 2012


Anonymous said...

"We need to let go of love?"
"It's time to abandon love?"

I mean no disrespect, but have you ever been in love? Love is the greatest thing in the world, and it can be the most painful, too -- if its gone wrong in the fear of human follies. But without it, we are doomed. I am a strong person of reason, but without emotions/love -- reasoning just becomes a cold, hard stone right in the middle of your chest.

It's the follies of human nature that cause pain, death, heartbreak, loneliness, and even war...NOT LOVE, or true love at least.

If you want to validate love through the windows of Scripture, 1 John 4:16-18 says, "God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. In this way, love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."

Now, I do believe people/the world, etc., have spoken things to be called love, when its not. People do outrageous things, and place enormous expectations upon themselves for "love". This is not all good, and it's not all bad. Isn't it still important to come together and form groups, cultures, and procreate for some?

As Christ followers, love is our mandate. We are called to love one another. John 15:12 states, "This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you."

I don't think love causes war, I think it's hate -- the opposite. It's not love that causes murder, it's jealousy. Without love, we are left to demises that feed lies and in some cases death. The wars over European marriages were not really about love. It was about power.

A woman who chooses to be in love and build a family is not giving up her freedom or dreams, she's making a choice to love in that direction. A woman who chooses to be successful in her career without a family -- is making a choice. It's the freedom to choose, not to blame love for a desire that isn't archaic.

Building a family is far from an archaic desire...I believe it's how we are wired. Some may choose to remain single, and that's God's will -- but for most, loving another is great fulfillment in the proper context of how God blesses marriage and creation.

The synapses in the brain create currents for both fantasy and reality to play out. So, the choice is...which one will you believe? Love is of a higher order; and there's no need to disconnect reason from it, either. One can feel deeply in "love", and still not fall into delusion. To feel nothing is to be a psychopath.

Ask anyone if they would choose a broken heart, or the loss of a loved one...and the healthy percentage would say no...of course not. But ask those who loved with all their heart if it was worth the pain of it, and the truly honest will tell you yes.

Christ's love for us was painful. It hurt, and he died for us. Was love worth it? YES. We are worth it to Him.

My last point, one can pursue dreams, gifts, or whatever -- and still be in love. It's once again the choice to decide if you're going to open your heart to it. If one chooses not to -- there should not be a guilt in that choice either.

My prediction -- one day, love will find you, and you'll not want to let it go.

Paul Moorhead said...

In case there's any confusion... this post was written as satire.